Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pendants on neckwires

The first neckwire I sold was one of my simplest Celtic Starz hung on one of the new neckwires with a strong magnetic clasp. I had set up my display and I just hung it around my neck. Within half an hour a customer pointed to it and said she wanted to buy it without even asking the price. After  selling three more in two weeks I ordered more neckwires, and started making pendants in lots of shapes and sizes. The large diamond above is one of a kind in patinated copper; its price is $25.

These five pendants are one of a kind and made of bright aluminum. Each pendant, on a black neckwire, is $20.
Pendants in patinated brass, patinated copper and a combination of the two metals are $20 each, hung on a neckwire.
Thomas supervises the printing of every mailing label. He says to remind you that we take PayPal cash and PayPal credit cards. He says you can order from him at this email address: because I won't let him have his own email address. Thomas was born on the full moon, so you can just imagine.

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