Friday, October 14, 2011

The name randomizer at work

My husband does not read my blog so he's as objective as it gets to drawing a name for the Helen Breil rigid, discontinued, hard-to-find texture plates.  Congratulations to Susan, whose name he drew! He looked at me in a very funny way and said to me, "You won your own drawing???" No, this is another Susan and I'll email her right away to let her know the plates will be on their way.

Lizzie does read my blog but would prefer to shop on Amazon (you don't need thumbs to shop online) and has picked out the giveaway for next Friday.  She has hidden the item, however, so I'll have to find it and show it to you, say, on Monday. Just leave a comment below or on any polymer clay post between now and Monday morning and your name goes into the hat, along with all  of the others still in the hat.

I am working on another post of some pretty cool items - got to photograph while the sun shines!

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