Monday, March 21, 2011

I started out as a small blackenwhite cat named "Thomas"

and I turned into larger blackenwhite cat named "Lizzie."

 They can't reach me on top of the refrigerator in Bob Briscoe's bowl, but I can supervise every movement in the kitchen. They call me a "bad cat," but I'm really just playful. I'm not very pretty but I have a good personality and of course, that makes up for everything.

She's got these things called "spinning wheels," and I help take the fibery stuff apart and try to keep the wheels from going too fast.

She makes these toys for me with yarn and fibery stuff and put little bells inside. Then she washes them and rubs them so the fibery stuff doesn't come out. She has to put them way up on the top shelf of the bookcase while they're still wet so I can't get them. Next to the plastic ring on the milk jug, they're my favorite toys.

When I hide in the napkin basket they can't see me, but they still yell at me anyway. Sometimes they yell and spray me with water at the same time.

 This is where the yarn stays before it's a mouse. I just love getting in here! When I get to be a big cat I'm going to be a fiber artist.